I am a photographer based in Dunedin, New Zealand and the inspired mind behind Valentina Raine Photography.  
As a child I used to imagine that I had a special connection with animals, an animal whisperer...
This fantasy has stayed with me my whole life.
When we went to Africa, I deeply believed I would have a close encounter with a wild animal. I told Mark that if he turned to find me face to face with a lion to remain calm and photograph it instead of freaking out. I will be completely fine, I said, the lion will see deep within me and recognise me as one who walks with animals.
While I didn't quite get that wildlife experience of my dreams,
I did capture images that I have crafted into exactly what I was searching for. 
Here you will find pieces to calm and nurture the spirit.
Prints to enhance your space and create moments for you to get lost in the quiet beauty.
This is what they do for me. I hope they can do the same for you.
much love,
belinda x